VIII Congresso de Direito de Autor e Interesse Público

The VIII Conference of Copyright and Public Interest (VIII CODAIP) is a free event opened to general public, promoted by the Group of Studies of Authorial and Industrial Rights of Universidade Federal do Paraná (GEDAI/UFPR), to provide the exchange of information and reflection about themes related to intellectual property.

The VIII CODAIP this year is going to approach discussions about the revision of Copyright Law (Lei de Direitos Autorais – 9610/98) in order to contribute to improvement of copyright question in Brazil. The focus is on promotion of public discussion about Copyright, wishing an active position of the State into formulation of public policies to cultural sector. Every year, and now eve more, CODAIP consolidates in a national level as well as internationally, into an important space of debate in the field of copyright from the perspective of public interests, bringing to debate themes related to access to information, to education, to culture and to country development.

Approaching themes under an interdisciplinary view and focusing on legal, cultural, sociological, technological and economical aspects, we believe Copyright shall encourage culture and knowledge dissemination and, through this perspective, rethink legal mechanisms which are suitable to its effective custody is a challenge on Information Society.

Currently, the importance of discussions about Copyright into contemporary society has pointed to a rethinking of adequate legal instruments to its effective custody. VIII CODAIP represents an important step to State recapture the formulation of public policies to a question increasingly present and strategical, into a context of digital ambience and technological convergence.

The Conference meets another plans giving rise to a critical and deep approach about Intelectual Property Right focusing on the analysis of public and economical interests which are inside the Copyright theme. During the event, questions which are being largely discussed in Brazil and abroad about Copyright will be addressed into the following lectures:

Copyright and Freedom to Create

Copyright and Access to Culture

Copyright and Term Protection

Copyright and Information Society

Copyright and Function of the State

Copyright and Digital Culture

Copyright and Digital Collections

Copyright and Consumer’s Rights

Copyright and Access to Internet

Copyright and Scan Projects

Copyright and Non-voluntary License

Copyright and Artistic Expressions

Copyright and Human Dignity

Copyright and the new models of Business

Copyright into International Scenery

Copyright and Creative Transformation

Copyright and Public Domain

Copyright and Law’s Reform

Copyright and Collective Management

Copyright and Plagiarism

The event is organized by Law School of Universidade Federal do Paraná – UFPR and by Post-Graduate Program in Law – PPGD/UFPR intermediate by Group of Studies of Authorial and Industrial Rights – GEDAI/UFPR.

GEDAI/UFPR aims to study all the aspects related to development of Copyright and Cultural Rights into Information Society. Digital technologies brought a new scenery to creation of intellectual goods, and it has an impact on Copyright. Emerged to protect cultural goods into the context of XIX century, besides some regulatory updates, an enormous distance between rules and practices is still verified.